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Wood Combustion

This model is in RESTYLING – Unavailable.

Among the most innovative lines, the Ellisse is a stove with great yield: it can heat up to 300 cubic meters. Of a remarkably unusual shape, it has a wide fireplace that allows the introduction of long wood logs up to 55-60 cm.
It is also produced at double height (about one meter and ninety centimeters), coming to heat about 370 cubic meters and on request, it can also be equipped with a baking oven.

Technical Data

Sizes2° with hoven
Nominal heat output *kW1013
Min. and max heat outputkW5 - 116 - 14
Heatable volume (Isol. Legge 10/91) **m3140 - 310150 - 370
Carbon monoxide emissions % CO 13% O2%0,100,11
Wood consumptionKg/h33,2
Smoke temperature°C328298
Smoke exit diametercm1515
Total weightKg300420
Dimensions ( W x D x H )cm96 x 49 x 1109 6x 49 x 181

* Complies with EN 13240 | DEUTSCHLAND BimSchV 2

** The data of the heatable volumes are indicative, as they may vary depending on the following factors: outdoor temperature, altitude, building exposure, thermal insulation of walls and roofs, sealing condition of the windows, presence or not of double glass, using the stove as a main or additional heating.

The Fireplace

Door Measurements:
38 x 32 cm

Fireplace Measurements:
55 x 25 x 44 cm

Wood length:
50-55 cm


Per un’installazione adeguata delle nostre stufe, rispettare le seguenti indicazioni: il diametro interno della canna fumaria, che deve sempre essere ben isolata, va dai 16 ai 20 cm, a seconda del modello di stufa scelto. L’altezza minima della canna fumaria è di 2,5 m. E’ obbligatoria una presa d’aria esterna di almeno 100 cm2 nel locale dove viene installata la stufa. E’ possibile avere la presa d’aria esterna collegata direttamente alla stufa, su quasi tutti i nostri modelli.

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