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Wood Combustion

This model is in RESTYLING – Unavailable.

The model Decò is part of the group of stoves less tied to tradition, while retaining its undeniable impression.
Its discreet and minimalist decorations reflects the style of the years’ 20.
It is produced in a single size, endowed with Great Fire door and has high heat outputs.


Technical Data

Nominal heat output *kW7
Min. and max heat outputkW3 - 8
Heatable volume (Isol. Legge 10/91) **m385 - 230
Carbon monoxide emissions % CO 13% O2%0,11
Wood consumptionKg/h2
Smoke temperature°C235
Smoke exit diametercm15
Total weightKg171
Dimensions ( W x D x H )cm58 x 52 x 96

Complies with EN 13240 | DEUTSCHLAND BimSchV 2

** The data of the heatable volumes are indicative, as they may vary depending on the following factors: outdoor temperature, altitude, building exposure, thermal insulation of walls and roofs, sealing condition of the windows, presence or not of double glass, using the stove as a main or additional heating.

Door measures:
32 x 25 cm

Fireplace measures:
36 x 29 x 33cm

Wood size:
25-27 cm

Per un’installazione adeguata delle nostre stufe, rispettare le seguenti indicazioni: il diametro interno della canna fumaria, che deve sempre essere ben isolata, va dai 16 ai 20 cm, a seconda del modello di stufa scelto. L’altezza minima della canna fumaria è di 2,5 m. E’ obbligatoria una presa d’aria esterna di almeno 100 cm2 nel locale dove viene installata la stufa. E’ possibile avere la presa d’aria esterna collegata direttamente alla stufa, su quasi tutti i nostri modelli.

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