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Awards and Acknowledgements


La Castellamonte receives the Honourable Mention of the ADI Design Index Gold Compass with the Round Stack stove.


ISH Design Plus 2013

La Castellamonte wins the second consecutive ISH Design Plus Award with the Thermo Stack model from the Stack Stoves collection, thanks to a growing partnership between the Company and Adriano Design.


For the second consecutive time, La Castellamonte wins the prestigious German ISH Design Plus award with the innovative Thermo Stack wood heating system, a revolutionary heater-radiator system for architecture and technological heart, based on modular components, highly customizable and easy to assemble.

In this way, a set of components can be combined to create different stove-radiator systems for shapes, colors, architecture and power, allowing the User a strong personalization of the product according to his needs.

ADI Design Index 2011

The Stack Collection has been selected for the ADI Design Index 2011, the annual publication of ADI Industrial Design Association that collects the best Italian design put into production, selected by the Permanent Design Observatory of ADI Design, and will compete for the award of the Golden Compass Award 2014.

ISH Design Plus 2011

LThe optimization of the production processes, besides the technical characteristics of this heating system, makes it possible to define this product as ecological because, with great attention, it combines all those ‘ingredients’ of quality, performance and durability of the object that are the basis of a true green economy.

The fruitful cooperation between La Castellamonte and Adriano Design has gained the Design Plus Award powered by ISH.

The Stack collection is in fact one of the winners of the important recognition promoted by the ISH, the international biennial bathroom, renewable energy and air conditioning exhibition, held in Frankfurt am Main – Germany.

The jury praised “the excellent and particularly innovative design” of Stack stoves, especially for “environmental protection, energy efficiency and sustainability“.

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