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All our stoves have been tested at the Department of Energy of the Politecnico of Torino and certified by IMQ primacontrol, according to the European UNI EN 13240 and CE label.

In order to protect the buyer, since July 1, 2007, stoves that are marketed in Italy and Europe must, in addition to the CE marking, comply with the requirements of European standard UNI EN 13240, which must be stated on the plate for each model and measure, which is mounted on the back of the stove.

These data relate to:

  • nominal heat output in kw
  • CO emissions (carbon monoxide)
  • the percentage of dusts and the efficiency


In order to declare these data, all stoves must be tested and certified by an accredited Certification Agency at the Ministry of Economic Development. Our Company is in possession of such certifications that have been executed by IMQ Primacontrol Certification Agency and which may be exhibited at check-in and for tax deductions.

Some of our models are also compliant with the environmental protection requirements of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and North America. All this has been possible thanks to the research and innovation that our company has been pursuing for many years, with the help of qualified consultants.

In addition to the required data, our stoves have been tested in relation to dust emissions in the atmosphere, causing existing pollution. Even for these tests, the results are very satisfactory and in line with what is now required by the most current and rigorous standards of air pollution control.

Our Amabile, Voluta, Liberty, Ottagona and Rondò heaters comply with the requirements of 15A B-VG for Austria and VKF-AEAI for Switzerland, strict certification for environmental protection and safety.

All this has been possible thanks to the research and experimentation that our Company has been pursuing for many years, with the assistance of qualified consultants. Last year Castellamonte has also achieved US and Canadian UL and ULc certification on all models and EPA certification on emissions and yields for Rondo and Round Stack models.


Below is an explanatory table of certifications obtained on our products:


Modello / Modellacastellamonte-loghi-certificazioni-001lacastellamonte-loghi-certificazioni-005lacastellamonte-loghi-certificazioni-004lacastellamonte-loghi-certificazioni-003lacastellamonte-loghi-certificazioni-002lacastellamonte-loghi-certificazioni-006
Amabile, Voluta, Liberty 1° misura / sizexx
Amabile, Voluta, Liberty 2° misura / sizexxxxx
Amabile, Voluta, Liberty 3° misura / sizexx
Amabile, Voluta, Liberty 4° misura / sizexx
Onda 1° misura / size xxx
Onda 2° misura / size xxx
Ottagona 1° misura / size xx
Ottagona 2° misura / size xxxxx
Ottagona 3° misura / size xx
Ottagona 4° misura / size xx
Ottagona 5° misura / size xx
Grand’Ovale 1° misura / size xxx
Grand’Ovale 2° misura / size xxx
Grand’Ovale 3° misura / size xxx
Grand’Ovale 4° misura / size xxx
Grand’Ovale 5° misura xxx
Rondò 1° misura / sizexxxx
Rondò 2° misura / sizexxxxxx
Rondò 3° misura / sizexxxx
Rondò 4° misura / sizexxxx
Rondò 5° misura / sizexxxx
Vienna 1° misura / size xx
Vienna 2° misura / size xx
Vienna 2° misura / size termo x
Volutamente Pelletxx
Gran Pelletxx
Grand’Ovale termo 1° misura / size x
Grand’Ovale termo 4° misura / size x
Grand’Ovale termo 5° misura / size x
Round Stack 1° misura / size xxxxxx
Round Stack 2° misura / sizexxxx
Cubi Stackxxxxx
Mini Stackxx
Cookin Stackx
Thermo Stackx


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