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Technology and Innovation

The study and love for the antique do not constitute a brake on technological innovation; rather, they provide the stimulus needed to conceive and develop new ideas, adhering to more contemporary attitudes and desires.

The ceramic stoves “La Castellamonte” are made in accordance with the ancient artisan tradition of Castellamonte, but the use of special technical features makes them modern in terms of functionality and safety. The external body of our stoves is entirely made of enamelled ceramic refractory material, and thanks to the composition of our doughs, this is highly resistant to thermal expansion. The surface, even though it emits heat, does not get red hot and it maintains temperatures within limits that fall in the current norms. The construction techniques are hand crafted, with a very high percentage of manual work.

Each stove has been designed with a particular aesthetic and with the use of ornaments typical of the ancient tradition of Castellamonte, duly interpreted and revisited by new housing requirements and lifestyles. The glass doors, as well as being used for continuous brazier control, allow flame or embers vision, depending on the combustion stage, creating visual comfort. Self-cleaning of the glass contributes to this function.

Large fireplaces made of cast iron or steel internally coated with refractory material, also of our own production, allow a considerable load of wood, with consequent autonomy, depending on the models, of approx. 6/12 hours. Tubular heat exchanger, optional forced ventilation with electronic fans (equipped with remote control for operation). Excellent combustion system with primary air and secondary air (double combustion) to achieve 75/87% thermal performance and atmospheric emissions with a very low percentage of carbon monoxide (0.05%) and pollutants as from laboratory tests and as required by the most stringent European and international standards for environmental protection.

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