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Colors, and ceramic becomes unique

Colors, and ceramic becomes unique
27/10/2022 Roberto Piasco

Color is the element that most makes our products special.

Do you want to know why?

Our colors are the result of real recipes, with a combination of individual ingredients, up to 4-5, which determine their characteristics: color, tone, fluidity, finish (glossy or matte) and behavior during cooking, always similar but never the same from one application to another.
Given the handcrafted nature of the blends, it is not possible to define universally valid codes for our colors; we can however affirm that, over the years, we have been able to refine the recipes and obtain a range of colors, different for each collection, which we consider “standard” and therefore stable.

The behavior of the color depends on the quantities but also on the characteristics of the individual ingredients. It often happens that the composition of the single element is changed by the supplier himself and this affects the final aesthetic result. For example, the color may be more or less dense and therefore have a different behavior during cooking, for example sliding differently on the surfaces.

The application of the color is a manual procedure, carried out with a spray gun, and consequently the thickness of the applied paint may slightly change. Even though our know-how of the number of color passes to be applied on the ceramic element is solid, thanks to experience, it is inevitable that small differences can occur, due to a more or less thick or light paint, for example.

So what happens to the stoves? It happens that, when firing the ceramic, the same color will always behave in a similar but never exactly the same way, and each stove will be similar but never identical in detail to another, and therefore unique in its kind!


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