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Dinamica Quadra

Wood Combustion

Dinamica Quadra I misura

Dinamica Quadra II misura

Technical Data

Heat Output *kW4,75,5
Max and Min Heat OutputkW3 - 63 - 6,5
Heating Capacity (Isol. Legge 10/91) **m365 - 16065 - 180
Carbon Monoxide Emission % CO 13% O2%0,090,09
Dust 13% O2mg/Nm32828
Wood ConsumptionKg/h1,41,7
Smoke Temperature°C215220
Flue Pipe Diametercm1515
Total WeightKg170215
Measurements ( diam. x H )cm41 x 41 x 10441 x 41 x 115

* Complies with EN 13240 | DEUTSCHLAND BimSchV 2

** The data of the heatable volumes are indicative, as they may vary depending on the following factors: outdoor temperature, altitude, building exposure, thermal insulation of walls and roofs, sealing condition of the windows, presence or not of double glass, using the stove as a main or additional heating.


For a proper installation of our stoves, please observe the following: The internal diameter of the chimney flue, which must always be well insulated, ranges from 16 to 20 cm, depending on the model chosen. The minimum height of the chimney flue is 2.5 m. An outdoor air intake of at least 100 cm2 is required in the room where the stove is installed. It is possible to have the external air intake connected directly to the stove, on almost all our models.

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