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Castellamonte is a magical name in the firmament of ceramic stoves.

Three centuries of history, the caves that originally gave precious material, the know-how of ancient craftsmen, contributed to the creation of a legend that through the years has come to us. Today, few have remained faithful to this art, we amongst them, obstinate, passionate, but with different duties from the past.
New standards of functionality and environmental impact, both European and international, have led to a technology change to create high-energy and non-polluting art masterpieces.
However, the beauty of ceramics always remains, in the most varied colors and ornaments.

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Wood burning stoves

Ceramic stoves with wood combustion.

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Pellet burning stoves

Ceramic stoves with pellet combustion.

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Water heating stoves

Ceramic water stoves with wood combustion, for radiators and sanitary water heating .

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Our certifications

Discover heat outputs and emissions rates of our products.

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Awards and Acknowledgements

Our stoves have received international awards and acknnowledgements for technology and innovation.

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Our Colors

Our range is made up of shiny and matt colors.

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Stack is the stove line born from the cooperation between La Castellamonte and Adriano Design.

An innovative stove line that combines the technological aspects of combustion optimization, long achieved by La Castellamonte through research and development of its products, with a design specifically created by Adriano Design and based on modular components.

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Because our stoves have always been designed to ensure high yields and maximum efficiency while respecting tradition. Their high technological and innovation content, the result of years of research, has made them unique in their kind.

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History and tradition are at the heart of our products, the result of an evolution of hundreds of years.

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Unique products for efficiency and technology, our stoves are innovation champions.

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